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Meadow Brook Animal Clinic offers indoor, climate-controlled boarding facilities to pet owners in the Birmingham, Pelham, and Mountain Brook area. We maintain a low pet-to-staff ratio so that each dog receives individualized, personal attention from our trained and caring staff.

In addition to our indoor facilities, we also have a 6000 square foot, well maintained, fenced-in back yard where dogs can play and attend to necessary business. Having fewer boarders at a time allows each dog to have supervised individual play time outside three times a day and twice on Saturday and Sundays.

Our staff monitors the appetite and urination/bowel movements of each boarded pet, and our veterinarian will be alerted if any problems are noted. We want your pets to be happy and healthy while they are in our care.

If your pet needs medication or a special diet, bring it to us and we will make sure they get it. Otherwise, we feed boarders the Purina GI EN diet. Additionally, your pets must be up to date on vaccines and they must be free of parasites. If your pets are not current on vaccines and/or are not on treatment for parasites, we will administer the necessary treatment when you drop them off.

Call Meadow Brook Animal Clinic today to reserve a spot for your pet.