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At Meadow Brook Animal Clinic, we realize that sometimes you need a little help keeping your pet clean. You may be tired of wrestling your pet into the bath, nervous about trimming nails, and overwhelmed about how to detangle those mats. Well we’re here to offer you some assistance with grooming your pet.

Our professional and friendly groomers will take great care to recognize your pet’s individual needs and will do their best to make your pet feel safe and comfortable. We want your pet’s grooming experience to be as happy and stress free as possible, therefore we go to great lengths to be gentle and take care of your pet while creating the perfect look you want.

Our bathing appointment includes pedicure, anal gland expression, ear cleaning, brushing, and drying. We only bathe in soap free shampoos so that the sebum is not stripped from your pet’s coat. Cats can be bathed, but we only recommend it in some cases.

Call today to schedule your personalized grooming appointment or if you have any questions about our grooming policies.