Our Services

A Standard of Care
When you go to your health care provider, you have certain expectations for your care and treatment. You expect professionalism, knowledge, respect, and compassion. Why should you expect any less for your pets?

At Meadow Brook Animal Clinic, we believe that your pets deserve those same values that you look for from your doctor. You and your pet receive only our best.

Consult Before Proceeding
Before we perform any procedure on a pet, we consult with the client. We will discuss treatment options, possible outcomes, and costs.

While we do not do any procedures nor treatments on a patient that aren't warranted, we want to make sure that we are doing everything as cost effectively as possible without diminishing the quality of care to your satisfaction. We want to make sure that you, the client, are part of the team that keeps your pet healthy and happy.

Individual Approach
We treat each case as an individual, because every pet is different. We are not your typical assembly line veterinary clinic. We listen, analyze, and devise individualized solutions that are right for you and your pet.
  1. Anesthesia
  2. Bathing
  3. Boarding
  4. Dental Care
  5. Fully Stocked Pharmacy
  6. Grooming
  7. Hospice and Euthanasia Services
  8. Laboratory
  9. Microchipping
  10. Nutritional Counseling
  11. Pain Management
  12. Parasite Prevention and Control
  13. Puppy and Kitten Care
  14. Radiology (X-Rays)
  15. Senior Care
  16. Surgery
  17. Vaccinations
  18. Wellness Exams