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Our Staff

Laura Dennis, Veterinary Assistant

Laura has been with Meadow Brook Animal Clinic since 2005. She is married and has a son in high school who towers above her, and a sassy toddler who is obsessed with SnapChat. When Laura is not loving on your fur babies at Meadow Brook Animal Clinic, she enjoys spending time with her family swimming, camping, target shooting, going to yard sales, and completing furniture rehab. Laura’s pet family includes an adopted black Lab named Daisy Mae.

Katie McLain, Vet Assistant

Katie has been part of the team at Meadow Brook Animal Clinic since 2015. Her love for animals began at a young age and has grown each year that she has worked with them. She has a special love for kitties, and would bring home a new one every day if she could. When she is not at the clinic, Katie spends time with friends and family, hikes with her boyfriend, and cleans up hairballs after her pets. She also likes to binge watch House Hunters with her three cats, Pixie, Millie, and Ruby. Katie’s other pets include an energetic Pit bull named Pluto and a Honduran milksnake named Walter.

Hope Sorge, Vet Assistant

Hope has been with Meadow Brook Animal Clinic since 2017. Although she did not plan to work in the field of veterinary science, Hope fits in perfectly since she loves every animal that comes through our door. Hope shares her home with two cats and a dog. Tron, the 95 pound Lab, likes to think he runs the household, but Petunia and Peaches reign as house queens. When she is not at work, Hope enjoys spending time hiking, climbing, and spending time with family and friends. She also likes to spend time with her boyfriend at the lake or at her family farm.

Braydon Suggs, Vet Assistant

Braydon has been working at Meadow Brook Animal Clinic since 2017. He aspires to attend Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine to become a veterinarian, which would make him the fourth employee to do so. He spends his free time watching The Office, Vet Ranch, and hanging out with friends. He also enjoys playing with his dogs, Link, and Woody. Braydon’s other interests include swimming, physical fitness, playing guitar, rock climbing, and hiking.

Gary, Custodian

Gary was brought to us in 2004 after he was found in a nearby dumpster. Since then, he has made it his mission to become the greatest clinic cat to ever live. His hobbies include staring at us until we feed him, two minute walks in the backyard, and challenging himself to sleep as often and as much as possible. His dream is to become famous for being the world’s sleepiest cat.

Bailey, Sentry

Bailey is a registered Mountain Feist who was adopted from Mountain Mutts in Gunnison, Colorado. She was studying to be an avalanche rescue dog, but got cold feet. She decided to come and live with Dr. Cox in Alabama so that she can pull him through the mean streets of Mountain Brook in the wee hours of the morning. Bailey’s interests include window art, begging, and barking at other dogs.