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Our Staff

Katie McLain, Veterinary Assistant

Katie has been part of the team at Meadow Brook Animal Clinic since 2015. Her love for animals began at a young age and has grown each year that she has worked with them. She has a special love for kitties, and would bring home a new one every day if she could. When she is not at the clinic, Katie spends time with friends and family, hikes with her boyfriend, and cleans up hairballs after her pets. She also likes to binge watch House Hunters with her three cats, Pixie, Millie, and Ruby. Katie’s other pets include an energetic Pit bull named Pluto and a Honduran milksnake named Walter.

Braydon Suggs, Veterinary Assistant

Braydon started working at Meadow Brook Animal Clinic in 2017 to pursue his passion for helping animals. He grew up surrounded by cats and dogs and now has one of each. He has a cat named Onyx and a Dachshund named Pepper. He spends his free time hanging out with friends, studying, and working out. He is currently working on becoming a nationally registered EMT before starting nursing school in the fall.

Taylor Stafford, Veterinary Assistant

Taylor started working at Meadowbrook Animal Clinic in 2020 and has a love for all kinds of animals. Growing up, she had a variety of pets including birds, dogs, insects, and many other exotic animals. Currently she owns a cat, Onyx, and a dachshund, Pepper. Apart from animals, she also enjoys art, music, the gym, and studying science at UAB. Once she graduates from UAB, she plans to either pursue a career in plastic surgery or further her education in veterinary medicine.

Angel del Rio, Veterinary Assistant

Angel started at MBAC in 2021. She has always had a strong passion to help animals. She wanted to be a veterinarian when she was younger. She is currently attending Jeff State's Vet Tech program and working on getting fear-free certified. She has 3 animals...1 female cat a grey and white tabby named General Tsao, and 2 female dogs Alie (GSD/Husky) and Hazel (Super Mutt).

Jocelyn Dye, Veterinary Assistant

Jocelyn started working at Meadow Brook Animal Clinic in 2022. From a young age she has been passionate about animals and veterinary medicine. She has a Siamese cat who loves to play and run the house. Jocelyn is a Biology major at UAB and is considering going into veterinary school after graduation. When she is not at work she enjoys working out and baking.

Troy Gwaltney

Troy has been working for Meadow Brook Animal Clinic since 2020. Troy has a special love for all animals. He rescued two Chihuahua several years ago, Mary and Joseph. The family also has a Great Dane named Tito. Troy goes to Oak Mountain High School. Troy is on the OMHS wrestling team. He also enjoys working out.

Hazel, Client Care Specialist

Hazel is a super mutt who is a puppy at heart. She loves to comfort and play with other animals. On her free time she likes to beg for food she knows she cant have and greet clients when they walk into the building.

Dottie, Client Care Specialist

Dottie is a Pomeranian who thinks she is the largest dog to ever live. She loves to greet everyone and all animals who enter the building. In her free time she loves chasing squirrels and eating anything.

Gary, Custodian

Gary was brought to us in 2004 after he was found in a nearby dumpster. Since then, he has made it his mission to become the greatest clinic cat to ever live. His hobbies include staring at us until we feed him, two minute walks in the backyard, and challenging himself to sleep as often and as much as possible. His dream is to become famous for being the world’s sleepiest cat.

Bailey, Sentry

Bailey is a registered Mountain Feist who was adopted from Mountain Mutts in Gunnison, Colorado. She was studying to be an avalanche rescue dog, but got cold feet. She decided to come and live with Dr. Cox in Alabama so that she can pull him through the mean streets of Mountain Brook in the wee hours of the morning. Bailey’s interests include window art, begging, and barking at other dogs.