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The three most important factors in veterinary pharmacy are safety, efficiency, and administration. You want to know if a medication is going to be safe for your pet, will it help your pet, and will your pet take it.

In order for Meadow Brook Animal Clinic to promote a medication from our on-site pharmacy or on our online pharmacy, it has to meet all of the above requirements. It’s that simple when you buy from us. It’s not that simple at all when you buy from other online pharmacies.

Our on-site and online pharmacies have a trusted chain of custody for every medication. This means that the medication is guaranteed from the manufacturer to us, and from us to your pet. Other online pharmacies cannot promise you this guarantee, so you’re never really sure what you’re getting. The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy recognizes that of the 14,000 online pharmacies they have identified, 95% are illegal or rogue. That is a stunning statistic.

Trust Meadow Brook Animal Clinic with all your pet pharmacy needs. Remember, it’s all about safety, efficacy and ease of administration.