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Meadow Brook Animal Clinic performs many surgical services including routine spays, neuters, and a wide variety of soft-tissue surgeries such as biopsy or excision of abnormal growths, removal of foreign materials causing obstruction in the digestive tract, and removal of bladder and urethral obstructions to name but a few.

Meadow Brook Animal Clinic is pleased to provide clients in Birmingham, Vestavia, Leeds, and Columbiana with laser surgery for their pets. With several types of surgery, we employ a 50 watt super-pulse laser. A surgical laser cauterizes the skin as it cuts, sealing nerve endings and small blood vessels as it moves through the tissue. The advantages to laser surgery include reduced bleeding, less post-op pain, reduction of swelling, and increased precision.

With all surgeries we do require pre-op blood-work and post-op pain meds. These requirements vary depending on the patient and the procedure. Additionally, all of our surgeries return home the day of surgery.

At Meadow Brook Animal Clinic we understand that anesthesia is scary. It’s very common for people to be concerned, especially when their older pet needs a procedure. That’s why we monitor vital signs throughout all stages of surgery and recovery. We also have written protocols for all emergency drugs in place for each pet under anesthesia.

Additionally, we use the inhalant Sevoflurane exclusively. It is the safest inhalant anesthetic used in veterinary medicine today. Sevo has no lingering effects because it is completely out of the body’s system just minutes after surgery.